This list of venues was first compiled in 2014 with an initial goal of finding all of the historic theaters in the United States that were still open and available to experience.  As the project went on - and on and on - it became obvious that there were more than movie houses still surviving and the definition of "open" was rather fluid.  It also became clear that it was necessary to start taking note of the venues that weren't open, but could be.  And the places that still have an organ.  And all of the additional names they're known by......

Now over 3900 entries later, more are still being found (thanks to many of the resources listed on the Sites page and Google Alerts).

As you move through the states you'll see that venues are categorized as





The  OTHER  label is assigned to those places that are functioning as something else, such as church, gallery, nightclub, retail, etc.  These venues still have enough, if not all, the elements remaining to bring back together as a showplace if the opportunity came.  You will likely notice that some of the  OPEN  seem more like  OTHER , but if there are shows going on, OPEN still fits.

Venues that have been labeled as RENOVATING or RESTORINGor RECONSTRUCTINGhave been identified as being actively (even if very slowly) in the process of being renewed.  Sometimes the place has been purposely closed for a period of time for a major revamp, or has been closed for decades and is in the processing of being brought back to life.

This site was not created by subject experts, so if there's something not factual, please contact us and set it straight.

And finally, please support these irreplaceable places in any way you can.  There is so much competition for money and attention that your interest really could decide their future.

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