What is this all about?

The Best Remaining Seats exists to promote the continued use, awareness and preservation of pre-1970 theaters and performance venues.  Why 1970?  Because theater architecture seems to have nose-dived about then, and this webmaster won't concede that anything newer than him could be considered "historic".

This site is not affiliated with the Estate of Ben M. Hall or the organization that he founded - Theatre Historical Society of America.  However, as with many people who love historic theaters, Ben M. Hall's work is the inspiration. 

This site is also not affiliated with the Los Angeles Conservancy's popular "Last Remaining Seats" event, which you can read about, and hopefully plan to attend, at

If you notice that an existing theater is missing from this site, there is inaccurate information, or a venue has gone from closed to open/open to closed, please use the "Contact" form below to set the record straight.

Thank you for visiting.  Please go out and support these important places, big and small, in any way you can.

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