You Are Not Alone

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So you like to look at the ceiling until the show starts?  And you're still looking at it during the show?  Maybe you climbed every staircase and sat on every level just to see what the place looked like from every vantage point.  Did you walk in wondering whether a Wurlitzer was going to rise up out of the floor?  The absence of cupholders meant nothing to you, did it?

Admit it - you love old theaters.  It's OK.  You're not alone.  Maybe you love them just because they have decades of history behind them.  Maybe you love them because they were designed to transport you, and that's exactly what they do.  Or maybe you're comforted by the way it feels just like the theater in your home town that you spent years making memories in - that is now a parking lot. 

This site exists to help you find the theaters avaialble for you to  love, the ones that need all your love because their future is one roof leak away from their end, and the resources to help you learn about these treasures that other generations took for granted.

Be patient - this site is a work in progress.  Fortunately "progress" in this case does not mean demolition.

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